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Construction Management

Construction Management

Overview of Construction Management Services

Construction management services are essential in the commercial construction industry to ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to a high standard. As a result, Bell Construction Company’s comprehensive construction management services are designed to meet the unique and diversified needs of our clients. 

Construction Management Tasks

To us at Bell Construction, construction management is about being responsible for overseeing the entire construction process, from pre-construction to project completion. Here are some specific tasks that a construction management services entail:

  • Preparing Cost Estimates, Budgets, and Work Timetables: Preparation of cost estimates, budgets, and work timetables to ensure that the project stays within budget and on schedule.
  • Interpreting and Explaining Contracts and Technical Information: Interpret and explain contracts and technical information to ensure that all parties involved in the project are on the same page.
  • Overseeing and Directing Construction Projects: Oversee and direct construction projects from conception to completion.
  • Reviewing the Project In-Depth to Schedule Deliverables and Estimate Costs: Review the project in-depth to schedule deliverables and estimate costs.
  • Overseeing All Onsite and Offsite Constructions to Monitor Compliance with Building and Safety Regulations: Oversee all onsite and offsite constructions to monitor compliance with building and safety regulations.
  • Creating Work Schedules for the Project: Create work schedules for the project to ensure that a project stays on track.
  • Delegating Tasks to the Construction Team: Delegate tasks to the construction team to ensure that each phase of the build goes according to plan.
  • Ensuring that the Project is Completed Safely, Within Budget, and On Time: Ensure that a project is completed safely, within budget, and on time.
  • Managing and Planning Every Stage of a Construction Project: Responsible for the practical management and planning of every stage of a construction project.
  • Ensuring Compliance with All National and Local Procedures, Regulations, and Codes: Ensure compliance with all national and local procedures, regulations, and codes.
  • Providing Progress Updates to Appropriate Management Channels on a Regular Basis: Provide progress updates to appropriate management channels on a regular basis.

Construction Management Challenges

Construction management is no easy task. That is why it is best to hire a company like Bell Construction Company who has years and years of experience and expertise in the construction industry. Below are just a few of the on the job challenges that require the attention of a knowledgeable company like Bell Construction who specializes in construction management services.

  • Budget and Cost Management: Must be able to manage project costs and ensure that the project stays within budget.
  • Scheduling and Time Management: Must develop a realistic project schedule, monitor progress, and identify potential delays to ensure that the project is completed on time.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Must effectively communicate with all parties involved in the project, including the owner, architects, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors, to ensure that everyone is on the same page throughout the project.
  • Risk Management: Must identify potential issues and take corrective action to ensure that the project stays on track.
  • Safety and Compliance: Must ensure that the project is completed safely and in compliance with all local ordinances and regulations.
  • Quality Control: Must ensure that the project meets the required quality standards by monitoring the construction process, identifying potential issues, and implementing quality control measures.
  • Labor Management: Must manage the construction team, delegate tasks, and ensure that everyone has what they need to complete the project on time.
  • Unforeseen Circumstances: Must be prepared to face unforeseen circumstances, such as unfavorable weather conditions or unexpected delays.
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